For years I have searched all over the internet in search for a Gin Rummy Site that is fun, fair, and friendly. www.Gamecolony.com is just that site. They are also the absolute only Gin Rummy site that accepts PAYPAL (that I have personally ever seen!). Gamecolony staff is extremely helpful and answers comments and concerns quickly and to the benefit of its members. There is no better Gin Rummy, Arcade, Tournament, or just plain fun site on the web!!! Check it out!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hi, I am posting this in response to my experience with www.Gamecolony.com This is an online gaming site which includes Gin Rummy, Arcade, and tournament style games. I have searched high and low, but there is absolutely no gaming site better (especially when it comes to Gin Rummy!). Gamecolony.com is fun, fair, friendly, and its staff is amazingly quick at answering questions or concerns. Members can play for fun or for cash. Not only that, Gamecolony.com is the only site that I have EVER found to accept PAYPAL. I feel personally spoiled as a member because the way they treat members is top of the line! Take it from a guy who has spent hours upon hours searching online search engines.....www.gamecolony.com...is the best online gaming site out there!!! Check it out!!!! backgammon , dominoes , gin rummy , solitaire , cribbage

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